"In April I had surgery on my left shoulder, the massage I had along with physio really helped to get my arm mobile again. I still attend massage sessions for my neck and shoulders, it is really beneficial to me and gets rid of the stiffness I suffer from. I feel so much better after I have been to Suzanne for a massage."      Marina

"After experiencing severe headaches for several years, I have tried talking, walking and swimming to relax me.  I finally came to the conclusion to let my body "just be" and release toxins by relaxation and body massage. I tried a small step at first, just head and neck areas which had amazing instant results and progressed to full massage. What a difference. No more painkillers, I sleep well and more importantly my body is thanking me for nourishment by holistic massage and oils unblocking any tension and tiredness"      Jane

"Massage helps me relax and my back is definitely less troublesome with regular massage from Suzanne."      Jim

"Six sessions of massage therapy with Suzanne not only began to really tackle some long standing physical issues, but kick started a new much healthier regime. The physical work also allowed me to process and resolve other life issues. Very recommended."      Abigail

"Massage relaxes and unwinds me and helps me to reduce my levels of tension and cut down insomnia problems. Suzanne is very professional and competent and the whole experience is therapeutic and relaxing. I always look forward to my next massage."      Janey

"I have been having treatment for some time following a nasty fall from my horse. My GP recommended deep tissue massage. I mainly hurt my right hip and the massage has helped so much with the bruising and scar tissue. It continues to help keep me pain free and also helps the healing process. Thankyou".      Vicky

"The massage treatment I have received from Suzanne has been very beneficial indeed, it's got me back on the golf course. Her approach is friendly and professional and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help"      Terry